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American Elevator is your Web resource for residential and commercial elevators .

Within these pages you will find complete price lists, specifications and installation information. Click on a particular model for more information.
Each of our models have unique features which make them suitable for certain application and requirements.  They are fully UL listed and meet the strict safety requirements of ASME A17.1 elevator code.  

Take a look at the different models we've showcased
on our website and see which one would work best for you.  

* Residential
* Commercial


Residential elevators provide convenience for people who shouldn't or don't want to climb stairs.  They also add value and prestige to homes.  Elevators can be designed into new home construction or added to existing homes.

Inclinator elevators require less space and can be installed in
nearly any home configuration.

The majority of our cars are made using hardwoods and veneers.  They can be finished in the
factory or in the field.

Custom Elevator: Mobility/Access to all levels of a home forever
* 750 pound capacity standard - 950 option
* Roped hydraulic elevator
* 12 month warranty

Inclinator Elevette:

America's most customizable home elevator
* Roped hydraulic and winding drum elevators
* 500 pound capacity standard - 750 and 950 options
* 12 month warranty


Imperial 2000 
Imperial 2000 Image

This "next generation" home elevator utilizes the latest technology and features a two speed roped hydraulic design with a capacity of 750 lbs and a car speed of 40 fpm.


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